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Workplace violence comes at a high cost. If an employee requires medical treatment or misses work because of a workplace injury, workers’ compensation insurance will typically have to pay the cost.

Since hospitals have a high rate of work place violence we will use this scenario as an example. One hospital system had 30 nurses who required treatment for violent injuries in a particular year, at a total cost of $94,156 ($78,924 for treatment and $15,232 for lost wages).8 If your organization self-insures (as some large healthcare organizations do), it will bear the full cost. If your organization does not, its claim experience can still affect insurance premiums.

Violence can also lead to other less obvious costs. For example:

• Injuries and stress are common factors that drive some caregivers to leave the profession. The estimated cost of replacing a nurse is $27,000 to $103,000.11 This cost includes separation, recruiting, hiring, orientation, and training. Some estimates also account for lost productivity while a replacement is hired and trained.Violence costs compaines trillions of dolars each year.

From Wall Street to Hollywood our Fight Like A Girl and Fight Back Seminars are customized for  all of your employees men and women. How to use our Fight Back techniques not only for personal protection. But, how you may you these skills mentally, in your everyday interaction with employees and with your clients. We can teach male and female employees together or separately. Fight Like A Girl teaches redirection of energy for escaping from not only an attacker but also for redirecting negative energy of a conversation in to the positive and back to the negotiating table.


10 Hour Certification Course

$399 per person