Kym Rock is a former victim of domestic violence and cancer survivor who created the Fight Like A Girl program to change the statistics of violence in our world and teach women and kids personal violence prevention.

A nineteen-year proven program of unique techniques and skills developed by Kym Rock to teach women and girls to think smarter and get away from an attacker, abductor or abuser.  

Our mission is to make a difference in the horrendous statistics of violence and abuse around the world through the teaching of escape techniques and life skills.  

The program encompasses seminars and on-going classes that empower women and kids to have greater self-esteem through knowledge of these physical and mental life skills so they can grow to their full potential.  

Fight Like A Girl is fun, always active and creates a vibrant community of people who can make a difference through personal violence prevention. 

Because her life has had a significant impact on changing the way women and girls learn self defense and what she overcame in her life to be where she is today.. her life is being depicted in a Hollywood Feature Film called “Fight Like A Girl!” The true story of a real female karate kid.

                                                                                                                                                                       Notable Achievements

News: Fox America's HQ, NBC, ABC, CBS

Creator and President of “Fight Like A Girl” 1999 - present

Her life is being depicted in a Hollywood Feature Film called “Fight Like A Girl"

Featured Guest on the Hallmark Channel,"The Naomi Judd Show"

Created First Statewide Program In Colorado for the Girl Scouts, " Fight Like A Girl Scout"

G.I.R.L. 2017 Scout Speaker & Presenter Largest Gathering Girls on the Globe

Creator of the Positive Power Pilot Program 2018 Colorado

Creator USA Karate Center.Org bringing martial arts to everyone!

Personal Violence Prevention Specialist for Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case

Vice Chair of Outer Banks Hotline Sexual Assault Center 2006-09

Womens Warrior Award of the Vagina Monologues

Instructor Dragon Peak Martial Arts 2013 - present

Creator 2017 - present

Author Fight Like A Girl Book Series

Fight Like A Girl Smartphone App

7-Time World Karate Champion

Rokudan Kyoshi Rock | Sixth Degree Black Belt | Shorinji-ryu Karate

Full time owner/Instructor USA

8th Degree Fight Like A Girl

World Karate Union Hall of Fame Member

United States Martial Arts Alliance Hall of Fame Member 

World Karate Union Karate Instructor of the Year 

World Karate Union Weapons Instructor of the Year

US Martial Arts Alliance Weapons Instructor of the Year

US Martial Arts Self Defense Instructor of the Year

Extensive Experience with Special Needs Children

Owner & Operator of Outer Banks Karate Academy for 17 years

Kym Rock & How Fight LIke A Girl Was Born

Kym Rock

Nations #1

Female Self Defense Expert

Personal Violence Prevention